Warren's Famous Breakfast Sandwich

Warren's Famous Breakfast Sandwich


Warren's Famous

Breakfast Sandwich

Makes 2 Breakfast Sandwiches


4 Pieces Sourdough Toast

2 Eggs

4 Bacon Strips (or 1 cup spinach or 4 pieces fakin bacon for vegetarians)

1 Avocado

1/2 Cup Mexican Shredded Cheese



1.      Scoop avocado out of its shell and smash into a bowl to create a smooth/chunky consistency. Add your preferred seasonings to taste.

2.      Start cooking your bacon! I use two pieces per sandwich, but for the bacon lovers they may want more.

(If you are a vegetarian, you can sub cooked spinach or fakin bacon too. I would say for the spinach maybe ½ cup per person because spinach shrinks down a lot when cooked.)

3.      Start toasting your toasts at the same time as cooking the bacon. I toasted all my sourdough and left them in the oven on warm until I was ready to assemble the sandwiches. If you have a broiler and you don't mind one side of your bread soft, broiling your bread is good too. 

4.      Crack your eggs in a non-stick pan over medium heat and let cook for about 3-4 mins and flip. Add shredded cheese on top of eggs and let cook for 2 more minutes. Then turn off flame and cover with a lid to finish melting cheese. 

5.      Assembling the sandwiches: Two pieces of toasted bread for each sandwich. Top one of your toasted sourdough slices with your mashed avocado. Slide the fried egg and cheese on top of avocado.

** If you like a little bit more “oopmf” you can add some mayo, aioli or butter to the other side of the sourdough toast you’re using for your sandwich.

6. Add your two slices of bacon or your spinach or fakin bacon on top of your mayo or buttered side. I tend to break my bacon into pieces so its easier to bite into.  

7. This is the key ingredient: Cholula! Before you close the sandwich, sprinkle lots of that cholula on top of the egg. Then close the tops and cut in half. Watch the over easy egg melt out and take a bite. 


I hope you enjoy xoxo  

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