Vegetable Hand Rolls

Vegetable Hand Rolls

Vegetable Hand Rolls

Makes Approx. 12 Hand Rolls


2 Cups Pre-Cooked Rice (cooled)

1 Pack Sushi Nori Sheets (with at least 6 sheets)

1 Cucumber (julienned)

1 Medium Carrot (julienned)

Trader Joe's Everything Seasoning

2 Ripe Avocados

Kite Hill Cream Cheese (Chive)


Liquid Aminos

Siracha (Optional) 

Teriyaki (Optional)


You will want to pre-cook your rice and let it cool. I only had basmati rice in my cupboard, but any brown or white rice would work perfectly. Make sure you also leave time to cook your rice and then let your rice cool. If your rice is still warm/hot, it will make the nori sheets soggy. 

All your vegetables will need to be julienned. It makes them look prettier in the roll and it’s easier to eat this way because its proportionate to the roll size.

Make sure your hands are dry at all times during these steps.

To make your hand roll: 

1.      Cut a nori sheet in ½. 

2.      Take one of the cut nori halves and place the shiny side face down so it is touching your palm.

3.      You will only be using 1/3 of your nori sheet for the rice. Spoon your cooked rice on 1/3 of the left side only of your nori sheet. You will want to flatten the rice out all the way to the edges using the back of a spoon or your hands if your rice isn’t sticky. (The middle and the right side of the nori sheet should be bare without rice.) You will want just enough rice so that you do not see the nori sheet underneath the rice.

4.      With your sheet still in hand, place 1-2 pieces julienned carrots and 1-2 pieces julienned cucumbers diagonal starting on the left corner of the sheet over the rice. Add 2 slices of avocado on top of carrot/cucumber slices. If you are using cream cheese, add the dollop of the kite hill cream cheese as well. Sprinkle veggies and rice with desired amount of everything seasoning.

** If you are using dairy cheese, you will want to keep your hand rolls cold and out of the sun. 

5.      Take bottom left corner of nori sheet and bring it across the middle of the rice. Start rolling the nori sheet until it all in a cone shape. Secure the nori sheet to itself with a few grains of rice.

Dip in liquid aminos, teriyaki or soy sauce. Or add some siracha to make it spicy!

(I found its easier to spoon the sauces on versus dipping so that my toppings didn't fall in my sauce.)




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