Paired With Sunshine

Enjoying a meal with someone is probably my favorite thing to do in life.

 For me that's what true happiness is- eating beautiful foods, creating good conversation and enjoying the atmosphere. Even if I am not making a fancy dinner (like popping in a frozen pizza for instance), it's still the little touches I look forward to doing like plugging in the outdoor string lights, setting the table with the linen napkins, adding my parisian gold candlestick holders to the table, and the cobalt blue glass wear. A little attention to detail gives me joy and makes me feel a sense of completeness in a meal.  Every meal I make I want to be more than just food, I try to create an experience.

Taking a typical meal and adding wholesome and simple ingredients to make the dish healthier is what I call

Eating Pretty with Erika.

 I love taking the time to put together a thoughtful nutritious menu -a drink, appetizer, main course and dessert, and finishing the mood with music. That’s where the idea paired with sunshine, eating pretty with Erika came to fruition; sharing a meal with someone you love and having good conversation, all while creating a healthier food foundation – paired with a little bit of sunshine and some great food.